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Month: November 2008

Dad Update

Posted in Random Personal Nonsense

My online friends have been a real help to me in the past few days. Thank you all. A hospital room is a decidedly offline place; not very connected at all to the usual kinds of communication and trappings of a plugged-in life. So when I come back to my computer, it’s both comforting to find you here, and jarring to the part of me that has just left the institutional environment. Dad did indeed…

My Dad is in the Hospital

Posted in Random Personal Nonsense

Good news first. My dad is alert, awake, and cranky about being stuck in a hospital bed. This post is mostly about getting the basic info out to all the wonderful people who have been supporting me and my family with prayers, virtual hugs, and best wishes. Thank you all. It means a lot. I’ll post more later about how we’re all feeling. My coping mechanism is to be very focused and to try to…