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Month: December 2010

Today’s Shared Items – December 31, 2010

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LAT readers upset that paper didn’t wish them ‘Merry Christmas’ December 31, 2010 – I’m sure glad Christians don’t engage in “political correctness.” ‘Persistent listener’ gets NPR to run WikiLeaks correction December 31, 2010 – Ha! Henry is a big deal Mac journalist, or was in the 90s. Dunno what he’s doing now. We of the trade press have STANDARDS. Michele Bachmann revealed: Gore Vidal made her a Republican December 30, 2010 – I agree…

Today’s Shared Items – December 23, 2010

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All I Want For Christmas Is A Beer Bike December 23, 2010 What Haley Barbour’s amnesia tells us December 22, 2010 Weil: Accountability for Accountants December 23, 2010 Food: Katz's Closes For Good On January 2 December 23, 2010 – Unfortunate, especially since their founder saying “Katz’s Never Closes” in the ads has been a ubiquitous part of Austin for more than 30 years. 12 Days of Frank’s Vacation #5: Just Ask for Christmas December…