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Month: February 2011

Today’s Shared Items – February 23, 2011

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TSA Agents Refused Service At Seattle-Tacoma Area Cafe February 23, 2011 – I don’t care what you think of the policies TSA employees enforce at airports, this is just dumb. Muammar Qaddafi celebrity lookalikes: Does Libya’s dictator look like Mick Jagger, Mickey Rourke, or Michael Jackson? February 23, 2011 Almonte: During Black History Month, remember the contribution of federal marshals February 23, 2011 Your best citrus cocktails – Kitchen Challenge – February 23, 2011…

Today’s Shared Items – February 22, 2011

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Depreshun hurtz. February 22, 2011 Silver adjusts to New York Times’ standards February 22, 2011 Guns for Groceries, Part II February 21, 2011 – I would much prefer that the cops allowed you to bring your AR-15 into the HEB, drop it on the conveyor, and trade it for Pampers and beer. Cut out the middle-man! Varsity Theatre February 21, 2011 – Oh, I used to LIVE at the Varsity Theatre. You know you’re old…

Today’s Shared Items – February 18, 2011

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I hate my iPad: Can my tablet-loving Slate colleagues convince me I didn't just waste $600? February 18, 2011 – The headline has crystalized for me why I read less of the tech press than I used to: you would never see such a headline on a gadget blog unless conventional wisdom had already determined that a piece of technology was a failure in the marketplace. The tech press assume that technology is something to…

Today’s Shared Items – February 17, 2011

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'Unified Theater' Group Disregards Divisive Special Ed Classification February 17, 2011 – Rock the hell on! Confessions of an Apple Store Employee – Apple Store Tips – Popular Mechanics February 17, 2011 Government By The Rich February 17, 2011 – I think this is certainly true: I would extend it further. Even in local districts, contributors to campaigns have the most physical access to lawmakers. Who contributes more, car dealers and doctors, or secretaries, truck…