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Podcasts and Other Spoken Words

I published my first podcast on December 31, 2004. I currently produce Parallel and Lions, Towers & Shields, and radio stories for Texas Standard. In June 2019, I produced the audio documentary, 36 Seconds that Changed Everything: How the iPhone Learned to Talk. I’m a “knight” of the Maccessibility Roundtable, and a frequent co-host and reporter on Blind Bargains Qast. I’m among the regular guest lineup on Clockwise, and the former Download.

This RSS feed includes every single podcast I make, or on which I appear. It’s a fire hose. Proceed with caution.

My retired shows include Hollywood on the Radio, Shelly’s Podcast, App Store Pundit, and Tracy-Hepburn Podcast.

I’m sometimes asked to present on topics related to Apple, podcasting, and accessibility. I can occasionally be caught doing voice acting.