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Month: August 2007

Throw Larry from the Train

Posted in Politics and Public Affairs

Frank and I have been making fun of Idaho senator Larry Craig for a couple of days. We’ve been greeting one other with “I am not gay.” to which the response is “I have never been gay.” This is inexplicably hilarious to us, and we hope our gay friends won’t disown us. Like most folks who know and actually like gay people, we see Craig as fully hypocrisy-compliant figure. His arrest and embarrassment, and possible…

TV Viewing on the Decline: YES!

Posted in New Media and Tech, and Podcasting

Ever since I got into “new media” I’ve been struck by a real disconnect. Podcasters, bloggers, blog readers, YouTube watchers and other assorted users of the tubez are extremely vocal in their hatred of certain old media (commercial radio for the podcast set, and newspapers for the blog fans) but many seem positively addicted to cable and broadcast television. Why is this? Why are the same people who turned off broadcast radio for podcasts, or…

Driveway Diggin Playlist

Posted in Random Personal Nonsense

Frank asked me to put together a playlist to get hs blood going while he digs the driveway. Here, with great license taken, and a few blatant uses of songs with titles that are only loosely connected to the subject matter, is that playlist. *I added a few more last night. Song Artist *Diga Diga Do Mills Brothers *I Never Picked Cotton Johnny Cash *Po Lazarus Various Artists *Workin for the Man Roy Orbison *I…

If My Life Were A Game Of Jeopardy

Posted in Random Personal Nonsense

Thanks to Joe, I am once again tagged. I confess that I actually enjoy being tagged. Wait, that sounds weird. If your life were a game of Jeopardy, what would your categories be? 1. Films of the 1930s and 40s 2. Fun things to do in Austin, Texas that do not involve chain stores 3. Blind girl workarounds 4. Politics are fascinating, but sometimes mind-numblingly depressing 5. Bourbons I have known 6. Folk & alt-country…