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Month: September 2009

Blog Bullets: Reader, ACORN, and appointed senators

Posted in Politics and Public Affairs

Hi again, dear friends. I’ve been using Google Reader a lot lately. The decision was forced upon me when NewsGator, maker of my preferred newsreader, NetNewswire, went and killed off its own feed-syncing service in favor of a connection to Google Reader. I can understand why they did it, but, like most people, I hate change when it affects me. I found my old Google Reader account, cleaned it out, and synced it to my…

Blog Bullets: iPhone, Fundraising, and Social Media Skills Development

Posted in New Media and Tech, and Politics and Public Affairs

Time once again for a very irregular feature, in which I rattle off some short comments about a variety of seemingly random subjects. If you listen to my podcast, think of it as a text-y Lightning Round(tm). iPhone 3.1, the “oh yeah, that” of yesterday’s Apple announcement, features a bunch of accessibility updates that make me extremely happy, and more likely to use accessibility on a regular basis. These are genuinely updates, not new features,…