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Month: July 2007

Flickr the Driveway

Posted in Random Personal Nonsense

Frank continues to work on the driveway, while I sit inside earning money to pay for it, occasionally popping out to take photos. Follow the driveway pictures or the podcast. In driveway news, we’ve been hampered quite a lot by rain of late. Frank checked the week’s forecast before renting a tractor, but since he rented it, we’ve had a couple of rain days, and the chances for the remained of the week have been…

It Does Not Rain in July!

Posted in Random Personal Nonsense

Two years ago, we remodeled our house. The roof caved in while we were replacing it, and I got tons of podcast material. As I’ve been relating on my show, this year’s project is to dig up the asphalt driveway, add pavers and install a garden. But we are once again slowed down by July rains. I should mention here that it isn’t supposed to rain in July in Austin. Here’s the beginning of the…

Harry Potter and the Cameo Characters

Posted in Random Personal Nonsense

Frank and I went to the Alamo Drafthouse to see Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix. We’re both big fans of the books, and we’ve seen (though not in order) the four previous movies. Having sat through the other movies, we were both completely prepared for the fact that large hunks of plot and character from the book were absent. I also knew that this was the shortest HP movie, made from the…

New Shelly’s Podcast Posted

Posted in Pods and Presos

Check out the new show. Download or subscribe at the show site. Juicing the ratings by tearing up my driveway. News: Pimpin the blog, tante Shelly, headed for Chicago Coffee ESP New home improvement project/podcast material Lighting Round Listener feedback Need your help with a special show. Email if interested.

Feelings and the iPhone

Posted in New Media and Tech

It’s been ten days and I still haven’t seen an iPhone. I’ve been inside a few AT&T stores, where circumstances and extremely dim clerks have conspired to prevent my laying hands on the thing. Getting to an Apple Store, while possible, takes a long time, and I just haven’t been able to spare time for the two round-trip bus rides that would be required. Early on, I read the iPhone reviews. It was interesting to…

Listen to Me!

Posted in Announcements

I’ll be on Ken Ray’s Technocracy Radio tomorrow (Saturday) at 12 PM Pacific. The show appears on San Francisco’s sorta podcast station, KYOU. You can also listen to the stream, or subscribe to Ken’s podcast version of the show.