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This list covers technology writing, but not podcasts, radio or general-interest writing. I have written hundreds of articles for tech Web sites and magazines including AccessWorld, MacStories, Blogger & Podcaster, Macworld, MacUserMacWeek, SunWorld, WebTechniques, The Net, Apple Magazine, and some others I have almost forgotten. They range from cover stories and features, to product reviews, news, and interviews.

A number of these pieces are not online. In these cases, I have linked PDF files, listed them here without links, or omitted unlinked articles from this page.

MacStories: Feature

A Timeline of iOS Accessibility: It Started with 36 Seconds, July 2019

AccessWorld: Features and Reviews

CSUN 2018 Heralds The Year of Wearables–Unless It Doesn’tApril 2018
A Review of the Mystic Access Apple Watch Tutorial January 2017
Nearby Explorer Blindness-Focused Navigation App from APH Comes to iOS November 2016
Choose the Right Electronic Magnifier, part 3, September 2016
Choose the Right Electronic Magnifier, part 2, August 2016
Choose the Right Electronic Magnifier, part 1, June 2016
HumanWare Prodigi Connect 12 Unites Magnification and Mobile Computing, May 2016
CSUN 2016 Conference Ushers in The Year of Braille, April 2016
Choice Finds at the ATIA Exhibit Hall, March 2016
Android Apps for Low Vision Users, February 2016
Apple TV Review, January 2016
Sitecues: Magnification and Speech for Web Sites, November 2015
Overthrowing the Desktop: The Revolution 22-Inch All-In-One Magnifier and Tablet, October 2015

Blogger & Podcaster: Features and Interviews

Make Your Podcast Zune-Ready January/February 2008
Wizards of Podcasting October 2007
Portable Power: Five Digital Recorders Reviewed and Rated September 2007
Moms with a Voice July 2007
Acting Up: Know Your Audience June 2007
Bringing the Scoble Touch to Podcasting April 2007
10 Questions with Chris Spencer January/February 2008
10 Questions with Ask A Ninja December 2007
10 Questions with Arianna Huffington November 2007
10 Questions with Cameron Reilly October 2007
10 Questions with Jeff Jarvis September 2007
10 Questions with Adam Christianson August 2007
10 Questions with MIgnon Fogarty June 2007
10 Questions with Leo LaPorte April 2007

Blogger & Podcaster: Columns and News

Editor’s Note: Networks–At Your Service? January/February 2008
Editor’s Note: The Noble Blogger December 2007
Editor’s Note: Podcasting is Still Dead November 2007
Editor’s Note: Milestones and Moving Forward October 2007
Editor’s Note: Podcasting’s Tween Years September 2007
Editor’s Note: August 2007
News: Podcasts from the Couch January/February 2008
News: First BlogWorld Expo a Mixed Bag December 2007
News: Dueling Trade Groups May be Ready to Play Nice November 2007
News: Bloggers Take Over Chicago September 2007
News: Milbloggers Face Restrictions, Blog World Tries to Sort it Out July 2007
News: Riding the South By Wave April 2007

JiWire: A Guide to W-Fi

Wi-Fi Setup Guide  August 2003

MacAddictFeatures and How-Tos

Understanding iLife May 2005

Macworld Features and How-Tos

Build Your Own Home Music Server July 2004
The Two-Mac E-Mail Shuffle February 2004
Extending AirPort Range August 2003
All Roads Lead to Rendezvous July 2003
Mac OS X Secrets: Networking September 2001
PGP Basics July 2000
The Macworld Web Traveler’s Companion April 1999
Open for Web Business November 1997 (Republished from Macworld)

Secret Code, Mac Style June 16, 2000

Macworld Reviews

ReFind August 2012
Cookie Stumbler August 2012
FileXaminerr August 2012
NetUse Traffic Monitor July 2012
Aria Extreme Wireless Card March 2004
802.11g Base Stations June 2003
The IOXperts Wireless Driver December 2002
Wireless Broadband Routers July 2002
Apple AirPort Base Station April 2002
DAVE April 2002
BrickHouse March 2002
Who’s There Personal Firewall Advisor February 2002
HomeFree Phoneline USB January 2000
HomeLine Starter Kit October 1999
Network-Management Software August 1999
AppleShare IP 5.0 November 1997

New.Architect (formerly WebTechniques)

Choosing A Macintosh Web Authoring Tool

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