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Month: September 2010

Today’s Shared Items – September 28, 2010

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How political operatives get us to believe the worst about their opponents. – By Shankar Vedantam – Slate Magazine September 27, 2010 Whisky producers: be honest and straight-forward when marketing your product September 27, 2010 – A fair point. BTW, I tried Maker’s 47 last week and it’s excellent, and quite different from standard maker’s, which I also enjoy. It’s worth a taste.

Today’s Shared Items – September 25, 2010

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Dole for O'Donnell September 24, 2010 – I get party loyalty. But most Democratic pols have disavowed Alvin Greene in South Carolina. I would be happy if Republicans, especially those not in office, could be a little less craven. Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve Review Coming September 10, 2010 Eddie Fisher, Singer And Ex Of Elizabeth Taylor, Dies – September 24, 2010 – Every once in awhile someone who was famous a long time…

Today’s Shared Items – September 23, 2010

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Katy Perry, eat your heart out September 23, 2010 – For Dani, who I think shared the Katy Perry video earlier. Angle: I made $236,000 off Rush Limbaugh, and Hannity was profitable, too – Politics: Ralston's Flash – Las Vegas Sun September 22, 2010 – You really don’t read stories like this very often. Politicians, and even journalists, rarely get real about fundraising or free media strategy in interviews. Bar2D2 Robotic Drink Mixer Gets Hardware…

Today’s Shared Items – September 22, 2010

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Christine O'Donnell on Hannity: Who doesn't regret the '80s? September 22, 2010 – How’s that gonna play with all those people who venerate the 80s to a hilarious degree; i.e. 90% of the people I know? About New York: At Empire State Building, a 40th Floor Squatter September 22, 2010 Where everything is huge — and deep fried September 21, 2010 – Won’t be long now before we find yout what ridiculous thing has been…

Today’s Shared Items – September 21, 2010

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O'Donnell's surprise victory filled 30% of newshole last week September 21, 2010 – If you’ve been reading/watching news in the past week, you are not surprised by this assessment. Now that the media is starting to think better of its excesses, perhaps we can move on to something else, eh? Why losing the House would be good for Obama September 21, 2010 – I am convinced that there are actually ony five or ten political…