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All the Books

Books I Wrote or Cowrote

I’ve written 22 books about technology, some published in several versions over the years. Before that, I contributed chapters to a number of other books. I’ve been doing this kind of work in 1994.

Books To Which I Contributed

  • Mac OS 9 for Dummies(by Bob LeVitus, IDG Books, 1999)
  • Updated the best-selling Moc OS tome for OS 9.Mac OS 8 for Dummies (by Bob LeVitus, IDG Books, 1997)
  • Updated several chapters of this best-selling Mac book. Twas a ghost-writing gig.Using FileMaker 3 (by Chris Moyer, et. al., Que Publishing, 1995)
  • I believe I wrote four chapters.Using the Internet with your Mac (by Mary Ann Pike, et. al., Que Publishing, 1995)
  • Upgrading and Repairing Macs (by multiple authors, Que Publishing, 1994)