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iOS Access for All: Your Comprehensive Guide to Accessibility for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch (iOS 13 Edition): (self-published, 2019)

Apple’s iOS operating system provides a full suite of accessibility features, supporting the needs of people with disabilities ranging from blindness and low vision, to hearing impairment, motor disability, and cognitive challenges. iOS Access for All covers all accessibility features in the iOS environment, plus many aspects of the platform that improve accessibility, even though they are not designed to do so. Readers will also learn about the best accessible apps available for iOS. Downloadable chapter: Siri and Voice InputiOS Access for All iOS 12 Edition): (self-published, 2018) iOS Access for All iOS 11 Edition): (self-published, 2017) iOS Access for All iOS 10 Edition): (self-published, 2016) iOS Access for All (iOS 9 Edition): (self-published, 2016) iOS Access for All (iOS 8 Edition): (self-published, 2015) iOS Access for All (iOS 7 Edition): (self-published, 2014) Easy iPod and iTunes (Que 2006)
With full-color, step-by-step tasks that show the beginner how to set up an iPod, rip music in iTunes, fill that iPod, and make the most of all the player’s cool features, this book is the perfect guide for your mom, your kid sister, or anyone who’s a little skittish about technology.The MacAddict Gude to Living the iLife 05 Edition (Que 2005)
The second edition of this book is completely updated for iLife 05 and Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger. It’s still in color.The MacAddict Guide to Living the iLife (Que 2004)
This book is your full-color guide to all of the applications included with Mac OS X, plus the contents of the iLife 04 box. It’s s ively, fun and full of tips, tricks and resources, all presented in the trademark irreverent style of MacAddict Magazine. Please buy one from the link above so that I can afford a nice MIDI keyboard to use with GarageBand. Thank you very much.Build Your Own Wi-Fi Network (Osborne/McGraw-Hill 2002)
Finally, there’s a real-world guide to assembling and using a wireless network. This book is ideal for home and small business users who want to get into wireless. Learn to choose and set up the best wi-fi products. Extend the range of your network with antennas, protect your resources from prying eyes, and expand the network as your needs grow. Downloadable chapter: IEEE 802.11 In DepthAdobe GoLive 6 for Macintosh and Windows Visual QuickStart Guide (Peachpit Press 2002)
Get the most from the latest version of Adobe’s Web authoring and site-management application, with step-by-step tutorials, and tips.Mac OS X for Dummies (with Bob LeVitus, Hungry Minds, 2001)
I wrote most of the first and second OS X editions of this book, which has since been updated to address newer versions of Mac OS.Adobe GoLive 5 for Macintosh and WindowsVisual QuickStart Guide (Peachpit Press 2000)
Full coverage of GoLive 5’s advanced Web design and site development features. It’s 500 pages of step-by-step tutorials for the beginning or intermediate GoLive user.Mac Answers: Tech Support At Your Fingertips (Osborne/McGraw-Hill 1999)
Updated for Mac OS 9 and the newest crop of Macs from Apple, this book has something for Mac users at all levels.GoLive 4 for Macintosh and Windows Visual QuickStart Guide (Peachpit Press 1999)
Whether you’re new to Adobe’s GoLive Web authoring application, or a CyberStudio fan who’s ready to upgrade, this book is for you. It has been fully updated and enhanced for version 4.0.Mac Answers: Certified Tech Support (Osborne/McGraw-Hill 1998)
Co-written with Bob LeVitus, this book contains 400 questions and answers about the Mac, system software, networking, working with PCs, troubleshooting, upgrading and lots more.GoLive CyberStudio 3.1 for Macintosh Visual QuickStart Guide (Peachpit Press 1998) GoLive CyberStudio 2 for Macintosh Visual QuickStart Guide (Peachpit Press 1998) Books To Which I Contributed

Mac OS 9 for Dummies(by Bob LeVitus, IDG Books, 1999)

Updated the best-selling Moc OS tome for OS 9.Mac OS 8 for Dummies (by Bob LeVitus, IDG Books, 1997)
Updated several chapters of this best-selling Mac book. Twas a ghost-writing gig.Using FileMaker 3 (by Chris Moyer, et. al., Que Publishing, 1995)
I believe I wrote four chapters.Using the Internet with your Mac (by Mary Ann Pike, et. al., Que Publishing, 1995) Upgrading and Repairing Macs (by multiple authors, Que Publishing, 1994)