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Month: April 2011

Today’s Shared Items – April 30, 2011

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Close to perfect: Collings Guitars makes some of the most coveted musical instruments in the world April 30, 2011 "Prom" and the bland, creeping evil of girl culture April 29, 2011 – Yeah. I guess they started calling it just “prom” sometime after my high school days. The use of “the” is another one of the language hills I continue to defend. Texas whine: Why does Obama love Alabama more? April 29, 2011

Today’s Shared Items – April 29, 2011

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What Washington Does All Day April 29, 2011 This Tech Bubble Is Different – BusinessWeek April 29, 2011 – This gets to the heart of my skepticism about social media. What are we building? Why are the most celebrated entrepreneurs and smartest tech people making so little that is of real value? The Evolution of a Movie Geek April 29, 2011

Today’s Shared Items – April 28, 2011

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Proposed Congressional Map Angers Democrats April 28, 2011 – What really makes me angry is the degree to which journalists accept the partisan nature of redistricting. Much of the reporting on the issue centers on how legislators protect incumbents, and which party is angry at the other. The assumption is always that this is OK. Journalists should routinely be asking why a gerrymandered, community-dividing map is acceptable, and why it is OK to consider the…

Today’s Shared Items – April 27, 2011

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Apple Using Location Data To Prep Traffic Service April 27, 2011 – I don’t drive an automobile. Two things:The traffic data is gonna include my sidewalk travel and pedestrian shortcuts. And since I don’t drive, I think I would like to opt out of data collection, please. White iPhone 4 Release Announced–Finally April 27, 2011 – Did anyone actually wait to buy an iPhone until the white one “finally” arrived? This is me yawning. YouTube…

Today’s Shared Items – April 26, 2011

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Facebook Launches Deals in Austin Today April 26, 2011 – Oh, that’s what that Close box I clicked was all about. I didn’t even read the dang thing. Reports of typewriter’s death are premature April 26, 2011 Bus driver who refused to bring women to Planned Parenthood gets $21K in settlement April 25, 2011 – I’m sure that talk radio, which always enjoys a good outrageous lawsuit verdict, will be all over this. No I’m…

Today’s Shared Items – April 22, 2011

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Hitler gets to Franklin Barbecue a little late April 22, 2011 Gastro Lab: What other foods can Thin Mints be used with (VIDEO)? April 22, 2011 – I watched this in hopes that I could recommend it to you. But I can not. Think, appalling food combinations and senseless waste of food. OK, appalling may be a bit strong. My basic reaction; YUCK! Michael Sarrazin 1940-2011 April 21, 2011