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Month: December 2010

Today’s Shared Items – December 16, 2010

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ArtsBeat: Blake Edwards, Prolific Comedy Director, Dies at 88 December 16, 2010 – A tremendous talent. Lotte Mart's cheapest fried chickens stir political controversy | The Australian December 16, 2010 The Maddow Blog – Ummmm…. December 16, 2010 – Reimagining a meme. Can economists make the system for organ transplants more humane and efficient? December 15, 2010 The Case Against Buying Christmas Presents December 15, 2010 – I feel this way a little bit more…

Today’s Shared Items – December 15, 2010

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Apple iBookstore Adding More Picture Books, Canadian Content December 15, 2010 – I love my Canadian friends, and I love Canada enough that making fun of our neighbor to the north doesn’t even strike me as all that funny. But come ON! The joke wrote itself here. Mark Zuckerberg – Person of the Year 2010 – TIME December 15, 2010 – Oh, the (un)irony. there is a link in this feature that allows you to…

Today’s Shared Items – December 14, 2010

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Apply To Be UT's Defensive Coordinator December 13, 2010 – I clicked through to the listing: here is part os my favorite section, under Working Conditions: “Use of manual dexterity. Climbing of stairs. Climbing of ladders. Lifting and moving. Exposure to large crowds” McDonald's: Customer database hacked December 13, 2010 – There’s a database of McDonald’s customers? Who knew?

Today’s Shared Items – December 13, 2010

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The Atlantic on track to turn a profit of $1.8 million this year December 13, 2010 Amazing time lapse video from inside Metrodome as roof collapses December 13, 2010 – Somebody help me. Didn’t another dome stadium cave in a few years back? I had actually thought it was the one in Minn. Inquiring minds…. Apple quietly drops iOS jailbreak detection API (John Cox/Network World) December 10, 2010 Blind Students Demand Access to Online Course…

Today’s Shared Items – December 11, 2010

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Biology and biography: The Q&A: Oliver Sacks, neurologist | The Economist December 11, 2010 – You can also be effectively face-blind if you are so near-sighted that you cannot distinguish facial features at any distance. You call this a Scotch collection? December 10, 2010 More bogus trends from the New York Times:Home bartending, ID theft, park rangers, and rebelling moms. December 10, 2010 – First they came for the rebelling moms, and I said nothing.…