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Month: February 2011

Today’s Shared Items – February 4, 2011

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"The Daily Show" Does the Speaker's Race February 4, 2011 – Look, I enjoy making fun of Texas Republicans as much as the next libr’l citizen of the People’s Republic of Austin. but this is a long stretch for a joke. Several points: 1) Joe Strauss had to fight for re-election primarily because he is not as conservative as the Tea Party red meaters he now serves with, and because he has not ruled with…

Today’s Shared Items – February 3, 2011

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Republicans Vote To Repeal Obama-Backed Bill That Would Destroy … (The Onion) February 2, 2011 Search begins for new head of NPR News February 2, 2011 – Pick me. Pick me. Architecture speak: An essay on the ridiculous way architects talk. February 2, 2011 – I once served on a city board with a bunch of architects. I didn’t get the jargon thing so much as a sort of weird mixture of professional poise and…

Today’s Shared Items – February 2, 2011

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Tea Party Democrats? Claire McCaskill and other senators get bullish on the deficit. February 2, 2011 – McCaskill is a genuine reformer; has been since she got elected. She’s been working on reform of the military contracting proces, systemic campaign finance reform, and a meaningful process for cutting the deficit and the debt. Reid is doing the Dem version of the kind of political line-drawing that Republicans have used so effectively to establish their conservative…