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Month: March 2011

Today’s Shared Items – March 3, 2011

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America Needs a Deficit for Dummies Book March 3, 2011 – In the 90s, the concord Coalition ran workshops to educate people about how the government spends money, and what does and doest not contribute to the deficit. These were great, and I saw many many lightbulbs go off over the heads of “liberals” and “conservatives” alike. Mike Huckabee's crimes against history March 3, 2011 – Now THIS is the article I’ve been waiting for.…

Today’s Shared Items – March 2, 2011

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Wisconsin GOP tries to ban prank calls March 2, 2011 – Isn’t a criticism of Democrats that they reach for legislation every time they encounter a thing they don’t like? Whatever you think of the prank call that caught Governor Walker, don’t kid yourself that Republicans are any less eager to deal with things they don’t like by passing new laws. SXSW Sampler Round-Up March 2, 2011 Town Lake Animal Center Hits 90% Live Outcomes…

SXSW Sampler Round-Up [UPDATED]

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I’ve added a link to the second official SXSW torrent. Oh hi! I hope you’ve been enjoying my Google Reader feed. It’s a cheap way to blog, I’ll admit, but honestly, I get a lot of joy from sharing links and comments. I will be getting back to some real blogging, but until then, I have a custom link farm for you. NO WAIT. DON”T GO! These are good links. You want these. The SXSW…

Today’s Shared Items – March 1, 2011

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Austinite launches iPad ‘gym’ January 3, 2011 Kanye West at SXSW? March 1, 2011 – Whenever I read that a big name is coming to SXSW, I think “Oh good, the show I want to get into will be less crowded.” Your OWN Show: The Winners [Oprah] March 1, 2011 – I’m so happy for this dude. He’s really talented, and hopefully the Oprahplex won’t gobble him up and make his show more sappy and…