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Month: April 2011

Today’s Shared Items – April 9, 2011

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NOM Strategist, Louis J. Marinelli, Declares Support For Same-Sex Marriage April 9, 2011 – I am totally getting an apron that says “NOM Strategist” on it. Legendary Director Sidney Lumet Dies at 86 April 9, 2011 MemeCats: The Revolution’s Underbelly April 8, 2011 UT-A&M game will remain on Thanksgiving Day April 8, 2011 – This is the only thing I care about in college sports. I’m totally serious. this game is supposed to happen on…

Today’s Shared Items – April 8, 2011

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Let's End Unboxing Videos: Most Dramatic Unboxing Video Ever April 8, 2011 – So well done! Brody File Exclusive: Donald Trump Explains Pro-Life Conversion (David Brody/The Brody File) April 8, 2011 – So a dude deciding “not to have an abortion” made Trumpy go all pro-life? Well, OK then! Royal Bride's Virginity No Longer An Issue For Brits April 8, 2011 – Oh, the enlightened British, taking a realistic approach to the virginity of their…

Today’s Shared Items – April 7, 2011

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First: The G.O.P.’s Dukakis Problem April 7, 2011 – I have a lot of disdain for political horserace coverage, as some of you know. But some of it certainly is relevant, and occasionally informative. This piece is just really interesting, and damn well-written. My favorite quote, which I think would be funny, even if I didn’t agree with it, is this: “Barbour is the comic embodiment of his party’s most negative stereotypes. A Barbour nomination…

Today’s Shared Items – April 6, 2011

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Ernest Shackleton's 103-Year-Old Antarctic Whiskey Deemed Delicious April 6, 2011 – I’ve been following this story with interest, but now I’m feeling the marketing spin. As much fanfare as this discovery has gotten, it wasa foregone conclusion that something yummy would come from this. The weird part is that Richard Patterson seemed not to want to talk about the taste of the stuff in an interview I heard a few weeks ago. Perhaps this too,…

Today’s Shared Items – April 5, 2011

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UT Launches Lonestar 4, Super Computer – Austinist April 5, 2011 – I’m imagining the IT department’s purchase request to management: “Yeah, we’re gonna need 30 laptops, a site license for Office, and a $12 million supercomputer. And don’t be stingy with the RAM, k?” Hoppin’ Down the Bunny Trail: Night of the Lepus April 5, 2011 – I saw this as a kid, and laughed and laughed. Those among you who are Star Trek…

Today’s Shared Items – April 2, 2011

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EBay to add 1,000 Austin jobs over 10 years in new city incentives proposal | Statesman Business Blog April 1, 2011 – These incentive deals kill me: What business, especially a business in a volatile field like online commerce, can realistically project its job needs in a specific area over ten years’ time? Joan Jett & the Blackhearts/Rick Springfield/George Jones/Devo – Music Review – The Austin Chronicle April 1, 2011 – We had Joan Jett…