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Month: May 2011

Today’s Shared Items – May 6, 2011

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AT&T Installing Wi-Fi Along Sixth Street From Congress To I-35 May 6, 2011 – Because drunks need Internet access! 😉 Cats of War: The Pentagon's top-secret feline special-operations program, revealed. May 6, 2011 – This could have been so much funnier with close-ups, and some help from the folks at Icanhazcheesburger. Puppies, and the Legislative Power of Distraction May 6, 2011

Today’s Shared Items – May 4, 2011

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Little City coffeehouse to close May 13 May 4, 2011 – Their closing has actually been delayed about six months beyond the originally announced date. Even so, I’ll officially be in mourning on the 14th. Hoo boi, May 3, 2011 Institutions for Disabled Unlikely to See Major Cuts May 4, 2011 – My brother lives in a state-supported living center, and one of my brothers-in-law lives in a community-based group home. Different living arrangements are…