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It Does Not Rain in July!

Posted in Random Personal Nonsense

Two years ago, we remodeled our house. The roof caved in while we were replacing it, and I got tons of podcast material. As I’ve been relating on my show, this year’s project is to dig up the asphalt driveway, add pavers and install a garden. But we are once again slowed down by July rains. I should mention here that it isn’t supposed to rain in July in Austin.

Here’s the beginning of the driveway dig, which was done to protect the roots of the adjacent tree.

Next is what happens when a pit that can’t drain gets rained on.

Oh, the hose has a syphon attached. That’s how we get out the water.


  1. Nice hole, I mean not the nicest hole I’ve ever seen, but still damn nice. But I am confused as to why you need to dig.

    July 20, 2007

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