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Another new nano?

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Am I really the only person who finds Apple’s frequent tinkering with the iPod nano design tedious? The first nano had physical problems (read, it got scratched a lot), the second was a thing of beauty, the third was chunky and awkward, and the fourth, well, I haven’t seen one, so I’m withholding judgment. Other than an altered menu system and the ability to play video (do y’all play video on your nanos?) it’s essentially the same device that was released in 2005.

I love the nano. In all versions, the size was just about right, both physically, and in terms of storage. It is (for Apple) affordable, and it’s mostly a pretty tough little device. But unlike the iPhone or iPod Touch, which really does need to progress along a design and technology curve at frequent intervals, the regular rejiggering of the nano line just doesn’t feel necessary. I’m a happy second gen nano owner. In fact, it might just be my favorite iPod, all things considered. It does its thing and it does it well. And I think my little blue friend is plenty good-looking.

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  1. That’s one that I never got and I’m kind of wishing I had. You’re right – it’s the perfect form factor, fits in an arm band, and you can read the surface without chugging around a full-sized iPod video.

    I say keep on with the little blue guy.

    You, Shelly, rock my socks. =)

    September 9, 2008

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