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Random IPhone 3G S Thoughts

Posted in Access and Disability, and New Media and Tech

I’ve had lots of nice linkage since my post about iPhone 3G S accessibility. I don’t have enough new information for another proper post, but here are a couple of things I’ve been thinking about.

The iPod Touch, my beloved iPhone substitute, was released, and updated to version 2.0 in conjunction with other iPod announcements, not during iPhone launches. So even if we are to see a hardware-updated iPod Touch, it will most likely be a few months. This makes me sad, but I’m going to check out the iPhone 3.0 software update; hoping against hope that some accessibility features have found their way in there. I’m guessing they will not.

Checked out iPhone service pricing from AT&T. Having extended our existing phone contracts earlier this year when we replaced dead phones, switching would be an expensive proposition for me. I need someone to offer me a spectacular job, the perks of which include an iPhone. You know where to find me.

And since I’ve been paying more attention, I’m noticing the AT&T customer grumbling a lot more lately. When Bay Area tech pundits grumble, I tune them out, because I realize that they realize that their voices are loud and influential. It tends to make them sound whiny. But AT&T has network issues in many places. Friends in Atlanta have major issues. If I do jump to the iPhone, I’ll be borrowing one, and evaluating coverage in and around my home.

The fact remains that buying an iPhone, especially when paired with expensive, shoddy AT&T service, goes against a firmly held principle of mine. When you buy a consumer product, don’t allow yourself to become a sucker; so dependent upon overpriced, poor service, or exclusive terms that you cannot escape. I’m not sure how I’ll resolve that one for myself.

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