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iPhone 3GS Commentary Roundup

Posted in Access and Disability, General Store, and Pods and Presos

I’ve had the good fortune to appear on several podcasts lately, discussing iPhone accessibility. I’ve also recorded and written some stuff of my own on that topic. So I thought: why not just post all of those links in one place, for those of you considering the development of a 24/7 Shelly channel in your head?

Chuck Joiner graciously invited me to join him on MacVoices for a little explainer on iPhone 3GS accessibility. It was a lot of fun, and I felt like we covered the bases pretty well. I also had the pleasure of joining Josh and Shane on The Maccast for a discussion of similar subjects, with some extra history and Mac accessibility perspective.

Here are my own collected contributions to the iPhone 3GS discussion. I explained and demo’d VoiceOver, zoom, and black on white for the App Store Pundit audience, and wrote here and here about the new iPhone before I had even seen it. Adam refers fairly often in our Maccast conversation to the first of these posts.

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