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Month: June 2010

Today’s Shared Items – June 7, 2010

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Now for the Masses June 7, 2010 – This is a political blog; a really good political blog. and they have an iPhone story link. Apple’s takeover of all things will soon be complete. The Center for Public Integrity: Who Bankrolls Congress? Harry Reid Edition June 7, 2010 – Good! More like this please, on every member of Congress. The Plum Line – Rand Paul distorts disabilities act, again June 7, 2010 Elton John Performs…

Today’s Shared Items – June 5, 2010

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Is America’s Car Culture on the Skids? June 3, 2010 Music: James Taylor and Carole King’s ‘Troubadour Reunion’ Tour June 3, 2010 Why Sarah Palin Endorsed Terry Branstad in Iowa June 5, 2010 – I often write critical things about the press’ obsession with every word and deed of Sarah Palin. But this is a smart article that explains the actions of politicians not as stages in a horse race, but moves on a chess board,…

Today’s Shared Items – June 2, 2010

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NYT Sourcing: An "Internet Link" "Alleges…" June 2, 2010 – Thank you, CJR, for saving me the trouble. Miller-McCune rejects the 21st century nostrum that anyone and everyone can be a good writer June 2, 2010 – Just FYI: using the word “nostrum” in a headline does not indicate writing talent. Lobbyists getting gun permits to speed access to Capitol June 2, 2010 Meet the “Shadow Congress” June 1, 2010 The fine line: When is…