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Month: June 2010

Today’s Shared Items – June 18, 2010

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Really? June 16, 2010 Why Starbucks is smart to offer free Internet access. June 17, 2010 – This is nit picky, but as a frequent coffee shop worker, I have to say it: Starbucks’ furniture is not generally comfortable, IMO. There are usually a couple of good chairs, but they are grabbed early. And the tables are too small. The World Cup conquers all June 17, 2010 – So, since no one in the US…

Today’s Shared Items – June 11, 2010

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China and Germany June 11, 2010 – Only for he photo: THEY’RE HOLDING HANDS! The “Domino Theory” at work: June 10, 2010 Political Memo: An Early Campaign Gaffe Makes a Non-Issue Big June 11, 2010 – Please allow me to paraphernalia this article for you: “What Carly Fiorina said is hardly worth bothering about. Let us now bother about it at length.” Skara Journal: After Years, Genetically Modified Potatoes Grow in Sweden June 10, 2010…

Today’s Shared Items – June 10, 2010

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Our Bodies, Our Cars: The links between urban design and public health Austin News – June 10, 2010 Painfully Funny June 10, 2010 After 49 Years, the Stanley Cup Goes Back to Chicago June 10, 2010 – I’m not a sports fan, so I have little, if any right to talk. BUT. Aside from the Dallas Cowboys, Texas pro teams never win championships. Never. So what’s all this “it’s been 10, 20, 30, 40…

Today’s Shared Items – June 9, 2010

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The Regulation Crisis: James Surowiecki June 9, 2010 Pick a Narrative, any Narrative… June 9, 2010 The Carpenters, Revisited, Ctd June 9, 2010 Schwarzenegger's Win June 9, 2010 Andy Plesser: "Steve Jobs is an Excellent Liar," Jason Calacanis June 8, 2010 – There it is in black and white (pixels). Making provocative statements can earn you free and undeserved publicity for your own endeavors. Shall I spell it out? Jason called Steve a liar, and…

Today’s Shared Items – June 8, 2010

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The 50 words that most often stump NYT readers June 8, 2010 Etc: Dr. Demento is leaving the airwaves, although he will continue streaming his weekly show online. June 8, 2010 – I didn’t realize he was still on the air. I confess that I listened to a lot of Dr. Demento in my teenage years. Free kitteh wif every box* June 7, 2010