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Today’s Shared Items – July 22, 2010

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  • National: Attention iPhone Freaks!
  • July 22, 2010 – Know what I love about this story (aside from the needlessly provocative headline)? I love how the lead assumes cell phone users are violating our local ordinance disallowing talking while driving. No wink wink, just a statement.

  • White House Says Sorry to Shirley Sherrod
  • July 21, 2010 – Just an observation from me: I’ve been extremely busy with work this week, and haven’t followed political news at all. So just like when I’m on vacation, these little dustups that seem oh so important when you’re following along, feel really different when you’re trying to catch up after three or five days. Different, and really hyperbolic.

    Food for thought. Maybe we should only read political news a couple times a week.

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