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Month: August 2010

Today’s Shared Items – August 19, 2010

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When Is a Coat Factory Not a Coat Factory August 19, 2010 ACLU of Northern California : Facebook Places: Check This Out Before You Check In August 18, 2010 Details, Details. Facebook Responds to Our Questions About Places August 18, 2010 – My contempt for check-in services is well-known. I won’t be using this feature. Sharing this for those of you who are curious. Places is in the updated Facebook iPhone app, though it’s not…

Today’s Shared Items – August 14, 2010

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Basement cat forcloses August 12, 2010 Senator Plans Coolest Fundraiser of The Election Cycle August 13, 2010 – Every political fat cat who goes to this thing without his/her kids or grandkids is gonna be in so much trouble… Why supermodel Naomi Campbell won't be charged with perjury. August 13, 2010 – I have an idea: in the military, if you commit a crime, one punishment option is that you get to stay in, but…

Today’s Shared Items – August 13, 2010

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Krauthammer: Government regulates liquor stores, so why can't it block the "Ground Zero mosque"? August 13, 2010 – I really haven’t taken an interest in this story. but here, I’m moved to point out that opposition to the Islamic center completely takes leave of the vaunted “conservative principles” so many on the right expect us all to live by. Zoning regulations are enacted and enforced by local governments. Regulation of liquor sales, should that specious…