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Month: August 2010

Today’s Shared Items – August 8, 2010

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Consumers Find Ways to Spend Less and Find Happiness August 8, 2010 Obama Promises to Keep Fighting to Pass the EFCA — Right on Cue Forbes Panel Bashes Unions in Response August 8, 2010 – Offered as media criticism: This post caught my eye because of the TV screen grab with seven-SEVEN- talking heads. No meaningful discussion, presented in the context of the cable news metaphor, can occur when that many little postage stamp people…

Today’s Shared Items – August 7, 2010

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Las Vegas Airport to get Liquor Store August 6, 2010 Airports Push Alcohol on Passengers, Night and Day August 6, 2010 – When I first read this story, it mentioned only O’Hare Airport, the source of many many flight delays. I hadn’t thought of the revenue angle. What kind of orientation will Elena Kagan get as a new justice? And does she have to wear that frilly neck thing? August 6, 2010

Today’s Shared Items – August 6, 2010

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Why Does the President Do All These Dang Economic Events, Anyway? August 6, 2010 I’ll Find Ya: Woody Strode in THE PROFESSIONALS August 6, 2010 A Fine Whine: An invective against birthday dinners. – By John Swansburg – Slate Magazine August 6, 2010 – I am fascinated by stories like this in which the author assumes the universality of his or her tale. Interesting, yes, bu not familiar. Cah Skrash August 4, 2010 Click the…

Today’s Shared Items – August 4, 2010

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8 Things I Learned At Tales of the Cocktail 2010 August 4, 2010 – So sad I missed this, right now. Bike agenda spins cities toward U.N. control, Maes warns – The Denver Post August 4, 2010 – I have crackpot fatigue now. Can’t these guys just come out and say what they think? “I hate bicycles being on the road because the people who ride them are not like me. And by not like…

Today’s Shared Items – August 3, 2010

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Smart August 3, 2010 i was going to do some thing August 2, 2010 Why I'll miss a world where books make the first move. – By Mark Oppenheimer – Slate Magazine August 3, 2010 – I never traded books as a form of courtship, though books do mark a lot of life milestones for me. But this article does appeal to my particular shade of romance. Do not leave in direct sunlight August 2,…