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App Store Pundit Returns

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My iOS review podcast, App Store Pundit, is back! I posted the first new review last night, with lots more to come. If you have suggestions for apps to review, leave a comment on the site, like the Facebook page, or drop me a line.

App Store Pundit is a short audio podcast, providing quick reviews of paid and free iOS-compatible apps. I focus on app features, interface, cost, and “gee whiz” factor. I also let you know whether the app is accessible using iOS’ VoiceOver. The idea is to give listeners a comprehensive mainstream review with added information that will be useful to blind and visually impaired iOS users. I’m also very interested in value for money. Most paid apps are relatively inexpensive, but I expect more from and app that costs $4.99 than I do from a $.99 app. A lot more.

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  1. Bob Purvis
    Bob Purvis

    I just found your site and will subscribe to your podcast. I am legally blind and wonder if you know of an app or is there a way to seem ones ipod touch screen on a PC monitor. My cell phone is an old HTC Cingular 3125 with WM5, Voice Command and a program on my PC called True Connect from Raspberry Software that allows me to see my phone screen on the monitor. I can use keyboard and mouse to add contacts,etc.

    March 9, 2012

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