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Stepping into the New Macworld

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Day 1 of Macworld/iworld is history. I haven’t been hear in several years, and the first thing that must be said is that many things have changed. The ginormous event that used to fill two sections of the Moscone Convention Center has settled into the smaller, and newer third section. Sessions focus more on personal productivity and hobbyist topics than they once did. The show floor, which was beginning its transition from large companies selling large pieces of hardware, and expensive software the last time I was here, has taken on some of the trappings of an Apple Store, with loads of products for sale. If your Mac or iOS fandom expresses itself in a love of instant gratification, and filling your bag with accessories, the new Macworld/iworld will make you happy.

I confess some nostalgia for the way things were, especially because I was more plugged in, back in the day. But the organizers deserve a great deal of credit for reimagining the event. The second floor, with its photography displays, podcast stage, and prize spinner, among other attractions, is a bit like a state fair. No funnel cake is available, but you can get some sort of grilled cheese sandwich down on the show floor.

While I’m here, I’ve been recording some audio that will appear on Shelly’s Podcast, hopefully before I reach retirement age. The topic is accessibility, and specifically my experiences here at the show and in San Francisco. The audio format allows me to speak in a free-form way, in something close to real time. Sometimes, I talk about accessibility problems that exist because of the arrangement of objects, signs, and events. At other times, I try to be as honest as possible about how the barriers I find affect me; that part’s super hard. Just a preview; poor contrast in instructional signs is not my favorite thing.

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