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Second Place Accessibility Writer

Posted in Access and Disability, New Media and Tech, and Podcasting

On the most recent episode of The Parallel, a few names in the Apple community came up in passing. So last night, I decided to check out the latest episode of The Talk Show. That’s a fairly high-profile podcast by a fairly high-profile Apple writer guy named John Gruber. He and his guest, Serenity Caldwell, were running down some of the news from last week’s Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference. They mentioned the addition of Live Listen to Apple AirPods, and how Steven Aquino got to talk about it with Apple executive Sarah Herrlinger on the third episode of his podcast, Accessible. John also allowed as how Steven is the leading writer on Apple accessibility, and that he, John, couldn’t even imagine who might be in second place.

Ow, that smarts a little!

Let’s back up. As I reread the first paragraph up there I realize just how name-droppy it is. Maybe you don’t know The Talk Show, or John, or Serenity, or Steven, or Sarah, or even Live Listen. Or maybe you know all of them, but don’t know me, because you’ve arrived here from Twitter or someplace like it, and you agree with John that there is no community of people who write about accessibility. And if that is you, dear reader, you’re missing out.

I’m just gonna leave a few links here. These are all mine, but they’re not alone out there.

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