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The Weekly Umbrage

Posted in Politics and Public Affairs

The two “stories” we’re supposed to care about in the political world this week are Jesse Jackson’s overheard whispering, and Phil Gramm’s accidental statement of what he truly believes. Will this summer ever ever end? Lemme tell you how a person who does not watch TV experienced the Jesse Jackson kerfuffel. I’ve heard bleeped versions of Jackson’s Fox News whisperings on several radio programs and podcasts. In at least one case, the audio had been…

No Twittering in Congress: Censorship or Good Government?

Posted in New Media and Tech, and Politics and Public Affairs

When I learned that Texas Congressman John Culberson is a Twitter user, I began following him right away. I suspect that the Congressman and I, a conservative Republican from my own state, would agree on very little. But his Twitter persona, is open and “human”. The posts are neither boring advertisements for his own accomplishments, or spin-filled obfuscations. And he respond to a lot of other Twitterers. That’s more than I can say for the…

The Pitfalls of Pundit Boxing

Posted in Politics and Public Affairs

The YouTube clip featuring MSNBC shouter Chris Matthews taking down hapless conservative talk show host Kevin James has been everywhere, most notably promoted by MSNBC itself. As an Obama supporter, and hater of content-free punditry, you’d think I’d get a kick out of that, wouldn’t you? Actually, no. The clip represents everything I dislike about political “analysis” done by talking head pundits of whatever stripe. In the clip, Matthews, trying out for the role of…


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I had an epiphany about all the hoo ha over Senator Obama’s remarks last week about rural voters in Pennsylvania. Yeah, yeah, I’m supporting Obama, so take my comments for whatever you think they’re worth. Obama’s clinical, detached explanation of voters’ motivations, which seem to have agitated the pundit class way more than they have the actual electorate, pretty much mirror the dismissive style of the very “journalists” who find this story so compelling. How…

Throw Larry from the Train

Posted in Politics and Public Affairs

Frank and I have been making fun of Idaho senator Larry Craig for a couple of days. We’ve been greeting one other with “I am not gay.” to which the response is “I have never been gay.” This is inexplicably hilarious to us, and we hope our gay friends won’t disown us. Like most folks who know and actually like gay people, we see Craig as fully hypocrisy-compliant figure. His arrest and embarrassment, and possible…