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Posted in Politics and Public Affairs

I had an epiphany about all the hoo ha over Senator Obama’s remarks last week about rural voters in Pennsylvania. Yeah, yeah, I’m supporting Obama, so take my comments for whatever you think they’re worth.

Obama’s clinical, detached explanation of voters’ motivations, which seem to have agitated the pundit class way more than they have the actual electorate, pretty much mirror the dismissive style of the very “journalists” who find this story so compelling. How many times have you heard voters lumped into categories like “angry white males” or “soccer moms”, and their feelings distilled down to simple, marginalizing language. Soccer moms care about security more than they do about the deficit. Working class white males are motivated by hatred of affirmative action or illegal immigrants.

Sure, a presidential candidate should be held to a much higher standard than the nattering know-nothings of cable news, but when he’s being held to that standard by the know-nothings themselves, that’s just disgusting.

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