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If My Life Were A Game Of Jeopardy

Posted in Random Personal Nonsense

Thanks to Joe, I am once again tagged. I confess that I actually enjoy being tagged. Wait, that sounds weird.

If your life were a game of Jeopardy, what would your categories be?

1. Films of the 1930s and 40s
2. Fun things to do in Austin, Texas that do not involve chain stores
3. Blind girl workarounds
4. Politics are fascinating, but sometimes mind-numblingly depressing
5. Bourbons I have known
6. Folk & alt-country music
7. Strategies for storing excess computer cables
Bonus category: Cat lady in training

And in turn I will tag some usual suspects: Charles, Carolyn and Bill. The rest of you people* need to get blogs.

*You people = my friends.

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  1. […] Shelly tagged me again, this time with “If My Life Were a Game of Jeopardy.” I have to admit I didn’t quite get it, because I rarely watch Jeopardy. And when Peter set up our American Revolution Jeopardy, he came up with all sorts of clever category titles, which is part of the fun of the game. Was it supposed to be my life history as a game of jeopardy, or the things I do now as a game of jeopardy? I looked at Shelly’s answers and decided I’d just put in categories I’d probably ace against anyone else in a game of Jeopardy, but I wasn’t real clever on titles. […]

    August 6, 2007

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