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Driveway Diggin Playlist

Posted in Random Personal Nonsense

Frank asked me to put together a playlist to get hs blood going while he digs the driveway. Here, with great license taken, and a few blatant uses of songs with titles that are only loosely connected to the subject matter, is that playlist.

*I added a few more last night.

Song Artist
*Diga Diga Do Mills Brothers
*I Never Picked Cotton Johnny Cash
*Po Lazarus Various Artists
*Workin for the Man Roy Orbison
*I Dig Your Voodoo the Naughty Ones
His Hometown Cheryl Wheeler
Car Wheels On A Gravel Road Lucinda Williams
Working in the Coal Mine Devo
The Day John Henry Died Drive-By Truckers
John Henry Doc Watson
Hole In The Wall Billy Idol
Hole In The Bucket Catie Curtis
Trippin’ On A Hole In A Paper Heart Stone Temple Pilots
Down In The Hole Rolling Stones
Fixing A Hole Beatles
Digging Your Scene Blow Monkeys
I Dig Love George Harrison
Dig In Lenny Kravitz
Dig It Beatles
Diggin’ On You TLC
Dig Your Own Hole Chemical Brothers
Digging In The Dirt Peter Gabriel
Building a Road Spottiswoode and His Enemies
Working on a Building Meat Purveyors
Manhole Duke Levine
Hole In The Road Jennifer O’Connor
Big Rock Candy Mountain Various Artists
Rockpile Rockpile
(Don’t Go Back To) Rockville R.E.M.
Rocky Road The Dead Reckoners
Rock Bottom Gurf Morlix
Bulldozers On The Loose Rock ‘N’ Roll Stormtroopers
Pavement Cracks Annie Lennox
Hammer of the Honky-Tonk Gods Bill Kirchen
Hammer In My Hand Grady
If I Had a Hammer Nanci Griffith
Ditch Diggin’ Southern Culture On The Skids

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