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Moving On

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I have decided to leave my position as editor-in-chief of Blogger & Podcaster Magazine, effective April 11.

I joined Blogger & Podcaster in January 2007 when we were preparing to launch the industry’s first digital/podcast/print hybrid publication. I was excited to be creating a magazine that would chronicle the podcasting world I knew so well after two+ years (more than three, now) publishing my own shows, along with the turbulent, more established blogosphere. Podcasting was and is a real passion for me. As with other loves in my life, the best way I knew to pursue that passion was to write about it.

We did a lot of great work. I built a news section that offered real-world dispatches from conferences and other events, written by the people who were there. We published features on the art and craft of producing new media, and profiled interesting and important players in blogging and podcasting I introduced product reviews, and worked with some great columnists. We published interviews with the likes of Leo Laporte, Matt Mullenweg, Arianna Huffington, and Ask A Ninja’s Kent and Doug. In general, my publishers gave me the freedom I needed to choose and assign the stories I wanted to tell. I thank them for that.

I also thank my lucky stars for the invaluable, constant, and supportive presence of managing editor Elisa M Welch, and creative director extraordinaire, Rob Hudgins. Both of these awesome folks have also recently chosen to move on to other projects.

Larstan is currently seeking funding for its ventures, including the Blogger & Podcaster network and for the magazine. I wish them the best of luck. The Spring 2008 issue is currently in production, and should be available in late April.

I’m not sure what’s next for me. I’ve been a writer for 20 years, and I remain an enthusiastic podcaster. I will continue producing my award-winning personal show, Shelly’s Podcast, as well as the new one about my journey to the Democratic National Convention as a delegate. I’ve always had a somewhat contrarian view of new media (I think we take ourselves waaaaay too seriously sometimes) and I look forward to sharing my unvarnished opinions in audio and blog form.

I’ll be Twittering, Uttering, and gadding about on the networks. I’ll blog here, and post updates to my main site page. That one will be undergoing a redesign, now that I have some cycles to spare.

Keep in touch, will ya?


  1. Shelly, you should be very proud of the work you’ve done on Blogger & Podcaster. You’ve been an invaluable partner and I thank you for all of your energy and dedication. You will be missed.

    – Larry
    Blogger & Podcaster Magazine

    April 7, 2008
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    April 20, 2008

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