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Podcast Roundup: Parallel Gathers Steam

Posted in Announcements, and Podcasting

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with automating new processes. At work, I’ve long automated text-processing tasks, but I’m expanding that to web work, and building workflows around podcast production. What I have yet to tackle is my tendency to forget about this lovely little blog. If you wonder why I do, perhaps take a listen to some podcasts I’ve been making, and where I’ve been appearing. More of that is on the way when the book comes out in a few weeks.

So yeah. Gotta automate more, and perhaps talk about it.

For now, please enjoy Parallel episodes #3 through #6 and Mccessibility #162, which I hosted. I’m really happy about where Parallel is going, and if you like the show, please give it a rating at Apple Podcasts, an Overcast recommendation, or any sort of social thumbs-up you can think of. It really helps. If you haven’t listened lately, please do that, too.

I also had the great pleasure of being a guest on the Mac Quadcast. I’m hoping to have Darren on Parallel really soon.

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