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New Year, New Shows and a Book!

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When it comes to not keeping my blog updated, I’m in good company around the Internet. And yet, I feel badly about it.

The iOS 12 edition of my book, iOS Access for All is out in the world. Please go get one. The ePub and Apple Books editions (which are identical, but for the fact that Apple Books takes 30 percent) are on the virtual shelves. The PDF version, of which I’ve spoken lovingly so many times, will be out soon.

Reaction has been kind, and I appreciate it:

Parallel 11 is the latest show I made. We had tips from past guests, which was fun. I’ve got an episode coming up on iPad productivity, and I’m working to book some more for the new year.

And hey, I wrote and produced a segment on quantum computing for Texas Standard, featuring an interview with Congressman Will Hurd. No matter how hard I try to get myself out of the tech pigeonhole, I always end up back there. And it’s mostly my own doing.

Back to the book, which you’ll probably be hearing more about if you listen to tech podcasts:

See you out there!


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