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Author: Shelly

Quite an Honor

Posted in Access and Disability, Announcements, New Media and Tech, and Pods and Presos

I got a phone call a couple of months ago letting my know that my audio documentary, 36 Seconds that Changed Everything: How the iPhone Learned to Talk won a Barbara Jordan Media Award. These honors are presented annually to media professionals and students in recognition of positive and inclusive representations of people with disabilities, here in Texas. There was to be an awards ceremony at Texas A&M, last month, but the pandemic put a…

Pandemic Feels

Posted in Random Personal Nonsense

On some level, it’s true. We are all supposed to be practicing the same measures to keep ourselves safe. But what I learn when I talk to people in those little video squares on my computer is that there are a lot of ways to feel and be right now, and that, well, I haven’t heard exactly the way I feel expressed out there. I don’t have kids. That’s the first thing my work colleagues…

Cheryl Wheeler: Kitchen Songs

Posted in New Media and Tech

Note: These videos, and lots more, have migrated to YouTube. Subscribe to my Cheryl Wheeler Kitchen Songs playlist to be notified about each new video as it arrives. I’ve maintained a mailing list for fans of singer-songwriter Cheryl Wheeler since 1996! Like a lot of us, Cheryl is at home right now. Since she’s not able to be out doing shows, she’s been recording songs from her kitchen. Well, actually, her wife Cathleen has been…

MacStories: An iOS Accessibility Timeline

Posted in Access and Disability, and Announcements

My first article for MacStories is a doozy. I actually just wrote the word, “doozy.” Moving on! I’ve taken 6,500 or so words to chronicle ten years of iOS accessibility, feature by feature, release by release, in true MacStories style. Who else but Federico and his team would have let me write at such length in a voice that’s all my own? The story is inspired by “36 Seconds that Changed Everything.” Check it out!

I Made A Thing! “36 Seconds that Changed Everything: How the iPhone Learned to Talk”

Posted in Access and Disability, Announcements, New Media and Tech, and Podcasting

I’m thrilled to announce the release of my audio documentary, “36 Seconds that Changed Everything: How the iPhone Learned to Talk.” It’s the story of how accessibility features came to the iPhone in 2009, how that event rocked some people’s world, and how most didn’t even notice. You can listen to the documentary or read a transcript at the web site I made (it looks remarkably like this one, I know, but an accessible theme…

Web Heroics, Catching Up, and Doing it Live

Posted in New Media and Tech, and Random Personal Nonsense

This Web site has been under the weather for awhile. I’ll play the hero and tell you that I wrestled t to the ground, pummeled the mySQL database and made it do my bidding. Then I reassembled these pages from the ashes of mixed metaphor, backed it all up and went on about my business. A consequence of the site’s troubles is that I haven’t done many updates here. I’m making Parallel episodes. I went…