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Web Heroics, Catching Up, and Doing it Live

Posted in New Media and Tech, and Random Personal Nonsense

This Web site has been under the weather for awhile. I’ll play the hero and tell you that I wrestled t to the ground, pummeled the mySQL database and made it do my bidding. Then I reassembled these pages from the ashes of mixed metaphor, backed it all up and went on about my business.

A consequence of the site’s troubles is that I haven’t done many updates here. I’m making Parallel episodes. I went to CSUN and made a load of Blind Bargains content, and I continue to make radio at Texas Standard. As to that last, I’ve now entered a new arena, doing my first LIVE radio segments this week. Two more are coming up on Friday. I’m filling in for an absent colleague, so the adventure of live radio is made more challenging by the fact I’m working in another person’s venue. Though I’ve never driven a car, I’ve been saying that doing the live segments is a lot like getting into the driver’s seat of someone else’s vehicle – you know what to do, but all the knobs and shifters are in the wrong place for effortless travel. Most of all, I’m aware how much I love tools and automation that I’ve adapted for my own work. I miss them this week. What routines can I make that get me information I need? How are windows and apps and sites arranged so that I can be most efficient? What’s the quickest way to get the text doc I’m scripting in onto my iPad and the Teleprompter app? All solvable, of course, just not what I’d like to be doing just before the director says “Your mics are open.”

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