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Category: Pods and Presos

App Store Pundit Returns

Posted in Announcements, and Pods and Presos

My iOS review podcast, App Store Pundit, is back! I posted the first new review last night, with lots more to come. If you have suggestions for apps to review, leave a comment on the site, like the Facebook page, or drop me a line. App Store Pundit is a short audio podcast, providing quick reviews of paid and free iOS-compatible apps. I focus on app features, interface, cost, and “gee whiz” factor. I also…

Appearance on the MacJury

Posted in General Store, New Media and Tech, and Pods and Presos

I had the chance to join Chuck Joiner’s MacJury for a discussion of social networking in the age of earthquakes and late night talk show wars. We talked a lot about the earthquake, not so much about the late night TV. We spent a lot of time discussing Twitter’s usefulness, and its place in our respective social media diets. It was a great discussion, with some really smart people from the Mac community. Listen here.

iPhone 3GS Commentary Roundup

Posted in Access and Disability, General Store, and Pods and Presos

I’ve had the good fortune to appear on several podcasts lately, discussing iPhone accessibility. I’ve also recorded and written some stuff of my own on that topic. So I thought: why not just post all of those links in one place, for those of you considering the development of a 24/7 Shelly channel in your head? Chuck Joiner graciously invited me to join him on MacVoices for a little explainer on iPhone 3GS accessibility. It…

Guest Shots

Posted in Pods and Presos

Oh right. Self-promotion. I should do some of that. I appeared (or was heard) in two recent episodes of Quirky Nomads. I’m kind of proud of GeneTink. Lemme know what you think. GeneTink Quirky Quiz 12